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Virtual Office in Bahrain

Virtual Office in Bahrain

Our company formation firm in Bahrain provides individuals and companies with a wide variety of services, which range from office space to business support services and company formation. We have assisted numerous large and small companies to set up a business presence in the country by renting a virtual office in Bahrain. A virtual office is ideal for entrepreneurs who do not intend to undertake their activities in a traditional office.

It is an attractive way for the business people who do not need a traditional office in Bahrain and who still want to have a business presence here. This can also be a good choice for foreign investors interested in immigration to Bahrain who want to test the market first. Our lawyers in Bahrain also have experience in offering thorough legal advice that focuses on solutions for local and international employment-related issues. From drafting labor contracts for foreign employees to solutioning disputes that may arise, you can rely on our local specialists for support.

Therefore, they can take advantage of an official business address which can offer their companies a corporate identity.

 Quick Facts  
Address availability (YES/NO)


Local phone number (YES/NO)


Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)


Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)


Meeting room availability (YES/NO)

Yes (advance reservation is required)

Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)


Uses of a virtual office

– temporary legal seat of a new company,

– temporary legal seat for foreign company registration,

– local contact point for companies and business people

Documents required to acquire the service

Service contract supplied by the provider

Customized services availability (YES/NO)

Yes, one or more services can be acquired

Availability in one or more cities

Available in Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Sitra, etc.

Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.)

A few days

Employee required


Availability of other services

– bank statement collection,

– coworking spaces (in some centers),

– access to video conference equipment upon request


Minimum rental period

One month


– access to a notable business address,

– easy to obtain,

– multiple uses.

You can also obtain consultancy from our immigration lawyers in Bahrain if you want to establish yourself here.

Both a resident visa and a work permit are necessary for foreign nationals interested in immigration to Bahrain and working here. The investor work permit application process is the quickest and simplest way to obtain a visa for the Kingdom. Investors in a local business are given access to this 2-year visa. The investor can obtain a residency visa  implies obtaining a “No Objection Certificate” after the investor work permit.

Services provided for our virtual offices in Bahrain

virtual office in Bahrain offers different services, including:

  • • a corporate address in a famous commercial area of a city in Bahrain;
  • • a phone number in Bahrain;
  • • a voice mailbox;
  • • mail collection and forwarding;
  • • conference rooms, equipped with ultra-modern office technology;
  • • other services- our company registration consultants in Bahrain can provide more details on these services.

If you want to set up a company in Bahrain, you need to complete a few procedures our agents can explain to you. Furthermore, for most of them, you can rely on us, as we specialize in offering such services. Among the steps you need to complete in order to have your business up and running as soon as possible is granting us power of attorney to draft the incorporation documents on your behalf.

We also have a team of lawyers in Bahrain ready to help you in various legal matters, including on immigration to Bahrain and obtaining an investment visa. This new type of permanent visa can only be extended once every ten years, though it cannot be renewed indefinitely. This is provided that the holders continue to satisfy the prerequisites, one of which is continuing to reside in the Kingdom for 90 days out of every calendar year. So, if you are looking for residency in Bahrain, this can be a good long-term option.

We also invite you to find more on this subject from the infographic below:

What is a virtual office in Bahrain?

virtual office in Bahrain allows investors to establish a business presence in the country, in front of their partners and clients, without dealing with the high costs of having a traditional office.

Our firm provides different options and service packages which can be acquired by foreign investors and businesses in need of a professional address in Bahrain.

When you take the decision of renting a virtual office in Bahrain, our dedicated staff is ready to deal with all the business relationships with your partners and customers on the local market.

virtual office in this country allows you to save your hard-earned money, because this option implies expenses which are much lower compared to having a traditional office. We also invite you to watch a video on this topic:

Furthermore, your business will have a high-profile presence in Bahrain. Our company registration consultants in Bahrain have worked with many investors during all stages of their company formation process and they can help you if you are interested in virtual office services here. We can also help entrepreneurs who are interested in VAT registration

If you need to know more about a virtual office in Bahrain or for help in setting up a company in Bahrain, we kindly invite you to get in touch with us.

We also have a team of immigration lawyers in Bahrain who can help you relocate here.