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Golden Visa in Bahrain

Golden Visa in Bahrain

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Bahrain can benefit from simplified procedures, as the authorities here have enabled various mechanisms through which relocation is possible. Apart from employment and family sponsorship, one of the most common ways of moving here is through business investment. The investor visa for Bahrain is one of the most appreciated residence documents that can be obtained by those interested in long-term relocation to this country. Below, our company formation agents explain the main requirements for obtaining a Bahraini golden visa.

 Quick Facts  
Investor visa availability (YES/NO) Yes, immigration to Bahrain through an investor visa is possible.

 Multiple options to acquire investor visa (YES/NO)

Yes, it is possible to obatin a Bahraini investor visa in multiple manners.

 Types of investors addressed

Entrepreneurs and citizens who have a stable income are accepted.

Startup visa availability (YES/NO) No, there is no specific startup visa scheme for Bahrain.
Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO)

Self-sponsorship is available through the investor visa in Bahrain.

Minimum amount requirement

Retirement has the lowest requirement from a financial point of view (500 BHD – approx. 1,300 USD)

Access to permanent residence (YES/NO)

Long-term residency is available with this type of visa (10-year residence permits are issued to successful applicants).

Direct citizenship availability (YES/NO)

No, the investor visa is not a direct way to Bahrain citizenship.

 Possibility to acquire real estate (YES/NO) 

Yes, real estate acquisition is one of the ways to access the golden visa for Bahrain.

Job creation requirement for Bahraini citizens (YES/NO) Business creation is an option for entrepreneurs.
Possibility to move with family members

Yes, it is possible to bring family members through such a visa.

Timeframe to obtain an investor visa (approx.)

The visa is issued in 10 – 15 days from the submission of the documents.

Income tax

There is no personal income tax in Bahrain.

Benefits for foreign investors

 – great living conditions,

– access to excellent healthcare and education services,

– multiple business opportunities for investors,

– the possibility to obtain a long-term residence permit directly

Investment immigration services availability (YES/NO)

Yes, our immigration lawyers in Bahrain can help investors relocate here.

Who can apply for a golden visa in Bahrain?

Foreign citizens who are interested in investment immigration to Bahrain are aware of the fact that most programs are developed based on certain conditions imposed by the governments of the countries enabling them.

The golden visa program addresses the following categories of immigrants:

  • retirees;
  • property owners;
  • highly talented people;
  • Bahraini residents who can be retirees or employees;
  • family members of Bahraini residents

For each category of applicants, different requirements in terms of documents apply. This is why, when dealing with paperwork drafting, you can rely on our local specialists who can help you.

When it comes to representation, foreign investors can rely on our PRO services which imply drafting of the necessary documents, as well as representation with the local authorities.

Also, if you want to relocate through other means, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Bahrain who can provide tailored support.

Our lawyers in Bahrain are also at your service. They can help you set up a business here if you are an investor or offer support in other matters if you are a foreign citizen who has other matters to attend to. Feel free to contact us via email and let us know how we can help you. We are at your disposal with tailored support, no matter the case.

The 2024 investor visa for Bahrain is one of the most advantageous ways of moving to this country, as it enables the recipient to live here for several years.

If you are interested in any of the options above, our immigration lawyers in Bahrain can provide detailed information on each of them.

We are also at your disposal should you decide to set up a company in Bahrain. The incorporation process has been streamlined, so that it is now easier to complete the registration process in fewer days than before. We are also at your service with accounting support, as this is one of the most important parts of doing business in Bahrain.

How can foreign retirees obtain Bahraini golden visas?

Foreign citizens who want to retire to Bahrain in 2024 benefit from the provisions of the golden visa if they are above 55 years old. All they need to do is to submit proof of having the minimum monthly income as stated above alongside the other requirements.

For this purpose, they must prepare the following set of documents:

  • a valid travel document, such as the passport, which must have a minimum validity of 6 months;
  • a bank statement that must not be older than 6 months;
  • a health insurance that is valid on the territory of Bahrain;
  • proof of a minimum salary of the equivalent of BHD 4,000;
  • a residence permit (provided the applicant has previously obtained one).

If you need support in retiring to Bahrain through the investor visa scheme, do not hesitate to solicit our specialized services.

Requirements for real estate owners in Bahrain

Foreign citizens who do not have experience in managing a business can use the real estate option in order to obtain a Bahraini golden visa. 

People who own real estate in this country can also apply for a golden visa. The document requirements in their case include:

  • a copy of a 6-months valid passport;
  • a copy of a bank statement no older than 6 months;
  • a copy of the Bahraini property title which must state the value of the said real estate is minimum BHD 200,000;
  • a health insurance respecting Bahraini regulation;
  • the residence permit, provided one was obtained.

Some of the sought areas in which real estate can be purchased for the purpose of obtaining this visa are Amwaj, Abraj Allulu, Al Juffair, Riffa Views, Busaiteen, and AlAreen.

Our real estate lawyers can assist foreign investors who want to move to Bahrain by acquiring properties. We can also assist with the registration of the property with the Land Registration Bureau.

If you have acquired or plan to buy a property in order to apply for a golden visa for Bahrain in 2024, please contact our local advisors for tailored support in this sense. Here is also an infographic on this topic:

How to secure a golden visa as a talented/skilled foreign applicant

The Bahraini investor visa addresses applicants who can add value to its economy, which is why the program is also open to highly skilled migrants who need to prepare the following documents:

  • copies of a valid passport and bank reference certificate, both of them issued no longer than 6 months prior to the application;
  • a certificate or any other document attesting to the talent/skills of the applicant
  • a valid health insurance;
  • a residence permit, if the applicant has lived in Bahrain before.

We advise you to ask our lawyers about the documents that can be used to establish your status as a talented or skilled person for the purpose of securing a golden visa in Bahrain.

How to apply for a golden visa as a Bahraini resident

If you are a foreign citizen and already live in Bahrain, you can enter the golden visa scheme. Unlike the other categories of applicants, you will need to provide fewer documents, among which:

  • your valid passport, which must be valid at least another 6 months;
  • a certificate issued by the bank proving your financial solvency, which must have been issued recently, but not older than 6 months;
  • proof of having the minimum average salary in the past 5 years (the minimum wage must be BHD 2,000);
  • your health insurance.

One of the advantages of obtaining an investor visa for Bahrain in 2024 is that you will be allowed to bring your family here.

Family reunion under the golden visa

The golden residence permit is available for the main applicant’s spouse, children, and parents who must draft the following papers:

  • copies of their valid passports;
  • proof of kinship with the main applicant.

Additionally, the primary applicant must also prove they have applied for the golden visa.

If you have any questions about the investor visa, feel free to send them to our consultants.

Obtaining a Bahraini golden visa is not complicated, and our specialists are at the service of applicants. We also invite you to watch our video below:

How long does it take to obtain a golden visa?

The main body in charge of managing visa applications, the LMRA, takes several steps to streamline and expedite the entire visa application process even before immigrants arrive in the country. However, ensuring that all documents are submitted completely is essential to a smooth application process. The government can expedite the complete visa application process in only 5 days through the LMRA. Still, it is important to remember that there could occasionally be delays, which would cause the processing time to increase to a maximum processing time of 2 weeks.

Residence permit availability

Persons who obtain Bahraini investor visas will benefit from residency for 10 years. This is one of the most important benefits of this program alongside the fact that the procedure is completed in a fast manner. Our lawyers can assist in preparing the documents required as investment proof, as well as those for immigration.

The Bahraini government introduced the golden visa to entice talent, investors, and a stronger economy while rewarding the country’s current residents.

Both residents and non-residents are eligible for visas, but they must meet the prerequisites imposed by the government and which imply for those currently residing in Bahrain to have done so for at least 5 years. For non-residents, there are more conditions to comply with, and they can be explained by our specialists.

The following advantages are available to people holding Bahraini golden visas:

  • permanent residence (for 10 years);
  • 30% lower living expenses than other Gulf nations;
  • 50% lower expenses to start and maintain a business than other Gulf nations;
  • residence for immediate family;
  • Bahraini employment rights;
  • continuous renewal of the visas.

You can rely on our lawyers in Bahrain for visa renewal support.

Platinum residency in Bahrain

Given the success of the Bahraini golden visa, the government announced the next stage of this program, namely the platinum residency scheme.

The development of a new permit will enable foreign citizens who have resided in Bahrain for at least 15 years to purchase real estate anywhere in the country and sponsor dependents. According to Edict 47 of 2023, foreign nationals must:

  • possess a Good Conduct Certificate;
  • a Golden Residency Visa;
  • have lived in Bahrain for at least 15 years in order to be eligible for platinum residency;
  • they must also have earned a minimum of BHD4,000 (about USD10,600) in average basic monthly pay during their 5 five years of residency in the Kingdom.

As it can be seen, the differences between the platinum and the golden visa are not many, as they mainly imply higher income in the case of employees. Also, it is mandatory for a platinum visa candidate to hold a golden visa at the time of the application.

Should you decide to immigrate to Bahrain and obtain a platinum visa, please get in touch with our local lawyers for a detailed guide on both programs.

Eligibility criteria for the golden visa in Bahrain

For current residents to be eligible for golden visas, they need to have:

  • earned a monthly basic wage of at least BHD2,000 (US$5,300) for the preceding 5 years of their residency in Bahrain;
  • lived in Bahrain for a minimum of 5 years.

Other requirements to be eligible for a golden residence permit are as follows:

  • the possession of one or more properties worth at least BHD200,000 (US$530,000);
  • the status of a retiree with a monthly income of at least BHD4,000 (US$10,600);
  • or the presence of exceptionally gifted people who fit the applicable criteria, such as athletes, artists, and healthcare professionals.

These are also the categories of people accepted for platinum residency in Bahrain.

If you want to open a company in Bahrain, you can still qualify for any of the two visas, provided you meet any of the requirements that suit you best.

Sponsorship for family members under the platinum visa

Holders of platinum residency may sponsor dependents, such as spouses, children, and parents, to reside in Bahrain. However, work authorization will not be provided to family members joining the main applicant.

Additionally, the Bahraini government published Edict 48 of 2023, which modifies Article 1 of Edict 43 and specifies the regions in which non-Bahrainis are permitted to acquire real estate. This will enable foreign nationals with platinum residency from being restricted to specific investment projects in Bahrain and allow them to purchase land and real estate in most parts of the country.

Advantages for foreigners under the platinum residence permit

There are several benefits that wait those willing to wait to become eligible for platinum residency. We remind you that one must hold a Bahraini golden visa for 15 years before being entitled to obtain the platinum one. The advantages of land ownership and security offered by the platinum residency permit will be available to prospective holders.

The visa is also beneficial for the country, as it is anticipated that the Platinum Residency Program will enhance Bahrain’s infrastructure and encourage greater foreign direct investment, both of which could boost GDP growth and have a favorable effect on the national economy. Lastly, when more properties are developed and invested in, the new residency scheme will result in the development of jobs and strengthen the real estate sector.

No matter the way you are interested in immigration to Bahrain, our company formation specialists are at your disposal with various services. Contact us if you want to obtain a golden visa for Bahrain and need support.