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Divorce Lawyers in Bahrain

Divorce Lawyers in Bahrain

The Family Code in Bahrain covers aspects like marriage registration and marriage dissolution without containing specific provisions on child custody and asset division. Among these, the divorce procedure in Bahrain will depend on the religion of the spouses, therefore there are separate proceedings for Muslim and non-Muslim citizens.

Below, our divorce lawyers in Bahrain explain how this procedure is completed here. You can rely on us for guidance in various legal matters. Our lawyers can also assist if you need advice in other litigation cases.

Divorce proceedings for Muslim citizens in Bahrain

Bahrain is a religious country with Sunni and Shia representing the main sects in this country. This is why the divorce procedure is influenced by the way the marriage was concluded. Another important aspect is that marriage in Bahrain is concluded by contract. There are two types of marriage contracts: Sunni and Shia agreements. Based on this aspect, one of the two Islamic courts will rule in the divorce proceedings.

In the case of silent contracts, the religion of the husband will prevail, therefore the court representing his sect will have jurisdiction over the marriage dissolution case.

Our divorce lawyers in Bahrain can explain all legal responsibilities arising when filing for marriage termination under one of the two religions. We can also verify marriage contracts in order to establish how the procedure can be completed.

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Divorce proceedings in the case of non-Muslim citizens in Bahrain

Bahrain attracts many foreign citizens who come to work here with their families, however, if family problems appear, these can apply for divorce in this country, if they want to. There are also cases where Muslim citizens marry non-Muslim ones and, in both cases, the divorce application can be filed with one of Bahrain’s civil courts.

No matter the religion of the spouse requesting the divorce, he or she must have a practicing lawyer registered in Bahrain in order to file the divorce application. All lawyers in Bahrain must be licensed by the Ministry of Justice to be allowed to practice. Our divorce attorneys can represent both Bahrain nationals and foreign citizens seeking to terminate marriages in this country.

Amicable and non-amicable divorce proceedings in Bahrain

In 2017, Bahrain legislators have started to amend the Family Code in order to modernize it. While changes are still underway, some of their effects can already be noticed. Nowadays, there are two types of divorce proceedings here:

  • – the amicable divorce;
  • – the non-amicable procedure.

No matter the situation of the spouses, each divorce proceeding is subject to different requirements when filing an application with the competent court.

The following documents must be filed with the Bahrain court in order to obtain a divorce certificate:

  • – the divorce certificate application form;
  • – the court order for the issuance of the divorce (in the case of non-amicable proceedings);
  • – the marriage contract in original plus a copy;
  • – an agreement of the parties on all divorce matters in the case of amicable proceedings;
  • – identification papers of the applicants;
  • – identification papers of the witnesses (there must be at least 2 witnesses) and of the children (where applicable).

In case the marriage contract is not available, a police report can be used. Our divorce lawyers in Bahrain can offer more information on the documents that need to be filed with the court. We can also help with their gathering and filing with the competent court.

Steps for getting a divorce in Bahrain

In order to obtain the divorce certificate, one must complete the following steps:

  1. file all documents and information requested by the competent court;
  2. the application will be forwarded by the court to the Ministry of Justice in Bahrain;
  3. the Ministry will contact the applicant once the divorce is granted;
  4. the applicant must go to the Ministry in order to take the certificate.

We remind you that you can rely on our divorce lawyers in Bahrain for representation with the authorities. We can also handle the entire procedure based on a power of attorney, including collecting the divorce certificate with the Ministry of Justice in Bahrain.

Divorce statistics in Bahrain

According to Statista.com, the crude divorce rate in Bahrain:

  • – was 1.2% in 2011 per 100,000 citizens;
  • – the highest rate was 1.5% and was registered in 2013;
  • – in 2015, it decreased to 1.3%;
  • – the lowest rate of 1.1% was registered in 2017.

For assistance in getting a divorce in Bahrain, please contact our lawyers.