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Digital Nomad Visa in Bahrain

Digital Nomad Visa in Bahrain

Becoming a digital nomad has become quite easy these days, including as the Covid-19 pandemic is slowing. Many countries have created special program for those who can work remotely from anywhere in the world. Bahrain has not enabled a digital nomad visa yet, however, the number of foreigners working from a distance here is increasing.

Below, our local specialists explain the options you have if you are a digital nomad and want to work from Bahrain. Our consultants can also help you immigrate to Bahrain on a long term.

Alternatives to the digital nomad visa in Bahrain

Even if there is no remote worker visa in Bahrain at this moment, it does not mean that there are no options for those who want to work from here. The visitor visa is one of the most popular choices among foreign citizens.

Bahrain allows foreigners to apply for e-visas for visit purposes, and the main advantage is that such a visa has a validity of maximum 6 months. When compared to a digital nomad visa, it is worth noting that a program for remote workers can span for one year, based on the schemes currently developed by other countries.

So, if you are interested in a digital nomad visa in Bahrain, our immigration specialists can help you relocate here and work for your home-based employer remotely by applying for another type of visa.

Currently, among Middle Eastern countries, the UAE is the only one to have a remote worker visa for the Emirate of Dubai.

Our lawyers also specialize in immigration to Bahrain and can provide assistance with the processing of the documents required for relocation the fastest way possible. These are also known as PRO services and are available for foreign citizens and investors interested in moving, respectively doing business in this country.

What can you do with a digital nomad visa?

remote worker visa does not only enable you to work remotely, as it addressed a wider category of applicants. Such a visa is suitable for:

  1. freelancers who can work from any part of the world they want;
  2. entrepreneurs who have companies they can manage from other countries;
  3. self-employed and employed persons whose work can be completed offsite.

So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to conduct your business from another country, you can do that based on a digital nomad visa. If you decide on this state, our Bahrain company formation agents are at your service with business registration services.

There are various requirements to meet if you are looking to open a company in Bahrain. First, you must choose a legal entity in accordance with the legal requirements and your business needs. Also, make sure you understand the specifics of the market, so that you ensure the success of your business once launched.

The key aspect of obtaining a digital nomad visa for Bahrain or any other country is for the work not be completed for a local employer/company.

We also invite you to speak with our Bahraini lawyers if you are interested in legal services. Assistance with buying real estate is one of the solutions we can help you with. Get in touch with us for advice on how to acquire various types of properties and find out what the best regions to invest in this country are.

What to consider when working remotely from Bahrain

If you decide to become a digital nomad in Bahrain, you consider the following:

  • – having a stable income to sustain yourself during the stay;
  • – finding appropriate housing in the city you move to;
  • – secure a health insurance for the entire duration of stay.

While under specific digital nomad visa schemes the minimum income is established the issuing authorities, there is no such requirement in Bahrain. While there is no minimum wage imposed by the government, the highest average amount earned by a person is approximately 1,510 BHD (nearly 4,000 USD). So, this is a fair income range you should consider as a digital nomad in Bahrain.

The best locations for digital nomads in Bahrain

Manama is one of the most appreciated digital nomad destinations in Bahrain, however, there are also other cities expats enjoy living in. Among these, Adliya, Amwaj Islands, and Juffair are the most appreciated. The average rent is these areas range from 500 BHD (approx. 1,300 USD) to 1,000 BHD (approx. 2,600 USD).

Here are the main living costs you should consider as an expat in Bahrain, according to this information:

  • – the average cost per person for one month is around 800 USD without a rent;
  • – for a family of 4 members, the average cost per month can reach around 2,700 USD without a rent;
  • – the average salary is around 1,500 USD per month.

If you are interested in a digital nomad visa for Bahrain, please contact our local agents for options.