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Trademark Registration in Bahrain

Trademark Registration in Bahrain

trademark is a sign or another item used to distinguish the products, goods, or services of the company from those of another legal entity. A common trademark form is a sign with distinctive features that may include names, words, symbols, colors or a combination thereof.  However, those who apply for trademark registration in Bahrain may also register a sound or smell, as these could also be considered trademarks. 

Local and foreign applicants are required to follow the same process for trademark registration, with an important distinction for foreigners who are not residents. A special process applies in their case and our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Bahrain can provide assistance for this procedure. 

Where are trademark applications submitted?

An application for trademark registration is submitted to the Trademark Office of the Industrial Property Directorate in Bahrain, part of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism. Residents can apply directly to the Office, however, foreign applicants who are not Bahraini residents are required to request the services of an authorized firm. 

Our team of agents who specialize in company registration in Bahrain can also help you with trademark registration. Our team will guide you throughout the process and will provide information about the most important steps. 

Trademarks are protected for 10 years in Bahrain and they can be renewed for subsequent periods. When the applicant wishes to extend an existing trademark protection, the requirement is that he needs to submit the application for extension during the final year of the period.

What are the documents required for a trademark application?

Trademark applications are submitted alongside a set of documents and, most importantly, a specimen of the trademark for which the application is made. Our agents specializing in company formation in Bahrain list the following below:

  • • Trademark example: the chosen name, words, colors or other items that comprise the trademark are to be presented in a soft copy, in a picture format or one that suits the type that is being protected;
  • • Trademark registration form: the registration form, the format indicated by the Ministry, is to be fully filled in with the applicant’s details upon submission;
  • • Proof of existing registration: for companies that already have a trademark registered in another foreign country, proof of such registration shall be presented;
  • • Power of attorney: for foreign applicants who are required to make the registration through a licensed firm;
  • • Others: several other documents may be required, such as the company’s certificate of incorporation. 

Individuals who are interested in complete services for company formation in Bahrain, prior to registering their trademark, can reach out to our agents. We can provide the needed services to incorporate a company in Bahrain as well as register its trademark here. Our lawyer in Bahrain can also assist in insolvency, restructuring and even company dissolution, if the case requires. Our specialist can help you draft the necessary paperwork for each situation and can be by your side for every step of the process. We are also at your disposal if the procedure comes to court and you need representation.

What are the main advantages of trademark registration in Bahrain?

A trademark allows a company to distinguish itself on the market as well as create a professional and credible image. Companies that are already established and known in other jurisdictions will wish to carry their distinctiveness when they extend to another jurisdiction. 

Having a registered trademark prevents other companies or individuals from using that distinctive mark without permission. A special derogation applies when a company expands to Bahrain through a franchise. In this case, the one acquiring the franchise rights will also be allowed by the parent company to use its trademark. 

Once a trademark is registered, it becomes an intangible asset owned by the company. It also means that the company can use the ® symbol on their logo (indicating that the company is the only one that can use the trademark). 

Investors who wish to set up a company in Bahrain can find it highly beneficial to also register a trademark. 

You can also rely on our lawyers in Bahrain if you want to file for trademark registration.

Bahrain is often compared to other Middle Easters states, such as the UAE. However, the Kingdom has no restrictions, in contrast to other gulf nations. This means you can set up a Bahraini company in any area.There are, however, some limitations that apply to commercial operations carried out by foreigners.

According to the Directorate of industrial Property in the country, the following recent statistics highlight the situation of the application during the first half of 2019:

  • – 3,920 applications were received for trademark registrations in Bahrain;
  • – there were 3,3,22 examinations for national and international trademarks;
  • – 31 applications for industrial designs and 163 applications for patents were received during the aforementioned period.

By comparison, the total number of trademark applications was 8,089 and 4,320 trademarks were renewed in Bahrain that year. In 2018 only 50 trademark oppositions were lodged with the Directorate.

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