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Business Consulting in Bahrain

Business Consulting in Bahrain

Successful companies have an optimized business strategy that includes and integrates employees, technology, assets, risk assessment and a number of other issues. Continuous adaptability to the company’s changing needs as well as a focus on both the internal and the external necessities is important. This is why a good management plan as well as complete advisory services, as needed, can be invaluable to a company. 

Our services that focus on business consulting in Bahrain combine a tailored development strategy for the company as well as operational adjustments and employment management. Together with our team of experts, investors can rest assured that their company has an efficient business approach and is able to face any business challenges that may arise.

Company formation in Bahrain is, essentially, a simple process. However, understanding the local investment climate and the requirements for companies is important from the very beginning. Our business consultants are ready to provide pre and post-incorporation services so that investors may start doing business in Bahrain in a straightforward manner. 

Consultancy services in Bahrain

Our team of experts specialized in company registration in Bahrain offer tailored services, as needed by the business founders to improve the performance of the company. Each company’s challenges are different and our experts evaluate each case accordingly and provide proactive solutions that are suitable to small or complex business challenges. 

With our help, companies in Bahrain can improve their efficiency and, in turn, their performance on the market. below, we highlight some of the main business consulting services in Bahrain that are being provided by our team:

  • • Organizational management: identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the company as well as the areas that require prioritization.  
  • • Risk management: business risk identification and measurements and the provision of an adequate strategy for risk avoidance.
  • • Finance management: financial process optimization and consolidation; specialized consultancy at a company level.
  • • Reviews: internal control, review, and auditing, as needed; quality assurance, project methodology, etc. 

Business consulting is also important in the case of mergers and acquisitions. Investors who, instead of company formation in Bahrain, choose to engage in a business merger, for example, may require assistance during the post-merger phase, for company integration, objective alignment, and process optimization. 

Integrated solutions for Bahraini companies 

While some businesses in Bahrain will require consulting services when they experience a downfall in efficiency or they encounter a specific business problem, other companies will incorporate targeted consultancy services form the very beginning.

By coming up with a corporate strategy even as early as they decide to set up a company in Bahrain, investors will be able to establish an efficient and result-oriented strategy from the first year of the business’s life. Some of the core services related to the corporate strategy include the following:

  1. Initial mission: we can help companies establish their corporate vision and values from the very beginning; we can then assist in their implementation;
  2. Strategy: the company can have a short-term or a long-term business plan as well as a mid-term strategy; clear objectives, as well as motorization, are also important;
  3. Structuring: defining the organizational structure is a key step for the company and it will allow the business to maintain its effectiveness;
  4. Differentiation: the company should differentiate itself from others on the market and the business strategy can include elements for this differentiation.
  5. Growth: the market entry strategies, as well as the expansion strategy, are two issues with which our team can assist investors.

The corporate strategy should also include financial planning. Below, we list some of the average costs for businesses in the financial sector in Bahrain:

  • • Licensing and registration: a 270 USD application fee with the Central Bank of Bahrain (for dealing in investments as an agent).
  • • Connectivity: 106 USD per month in internet charges for businesses.
  • • Costs asssociated with employees: social security contribution for nationals – 19% (12% employer and 7 employee); social security contribution for expats – 4% (3% for the employer and 1% for the employee).

Business consultancy is adapted to the particularities of the market in which the company operates. It focuses on problem identification, followed by an objective business development plan, complete with employee training, as may be needed. The goal is to allow the company to become more efficient and, in some cases, to revive the business.

Investors who wish to know more about the business consulting services offered by our team of agents who specialize in company registration in Bahrain can contact us