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Citizenship in Bahrain

Citizenship in Bahrain

Foreign citizens who want to move to Bahrain must comply with various requirements. These depend on the reason they relocate here and the duration of stay. There is also the possibility of obtaining citizenship in Bahrain, however, for this to happen, there are various conditions to be met in accordance with the Citizenship Act.

If you are foreign citizen and want to know more about how to become a citizen of this country and the Bahraini citizenship benefits, our lawyers can offer detailed information.

Our team is made of immigration lawyers in Bahrain and company formation specialists in Bahrain, and they can offer multiple services.

The Bahrain Citizenship Act

Foreign citizens who immigrate to Bahrain and want to remain here can apply for citizenship by naturalization, in accordance with the country’s Nationality Act which was issued in 1963. Ever since, adjustments were brought to it and the ways through which a Bahrain passport can be obtained have been amended.

What should be noted is that there is no possibility to have Bahrain dual citizenship. This applies to foreign citizens seeking to obtain Bahraini passports and retain their former nationalities.

Our immigration lawyers in Bahrain are at your service if you want to know if you meet the requirements to apply for citizenship in this country.

The main ways through which Bahraini nationality can be obtained

There are several ways through which one can obtain citizenship in Bahrain. These are:

  1. descent and birth which is the easiest to obtain in the case of foreign citizens with Bahraini origins;
  2. naturalization which implies living in Bahrain on a long term;
  3. marriage which implies meeting various conditions for the foreign spouse;
  4. investment, an option that was recently enabled, however, it comes with many benefits.
  5. Bahraini citizenship by marriage, for example, is available for foreign women marrying Bahraini citizens.

If you are interested in immigration to Bahrain and want to apply for residency, you can become eligible for citizenship provided you live here for a sufficient number of years and you contribute to the country’s welfare with outstanding services.

Citizenship by descent in Bahrain

People who have origins in this country are eligible for citizenship. According to the law, the following persons can obtain citizenship in Bahrain through descent:

  • – they were born in Bahrain after 1937 and their fathers were citizens of this country;
  • – they were born outside Bahrain after 1937, their fathers or grandfathers were Bahraini citizens;
  • – they were born in or outside Bahrain after 1937 and their mothers were citizens of this country, while their father is unknown, without a nationality or simply fatherhood cannot be proved.

It is also possible to obtain citizenship in Bahrain by birth. In this case, the father can be a foreign citizen who has obtained permanent residence here and has given up his former citizenship.

All applications for Bahraini nationality must be filed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We remind foreign citizens that Bahrain dual citizenship is not permitted.

How to obtain Bahraini citizenship by marriage

It is possible for foreign women who marry Bahraini citizens to obtain passports in this country. In this regard, the marriage certificate must be filed with the local authorities, if the marriage took place here. If the marriage was recorded in another country, the certificate must be accompanied by an affidavit issued by a Bahraini court.

In the case of divorce, the foreign spouse can still retain Bahraini citizens under certain conditions.

All Bahraini citizenship benefits can be explained by our local lawyers. They can also assist people who want to immigrate to Bahrain through other means.

How to obtain citizenship by naturalization in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the Arab countries to enable foreign citizens to apply for citizenship. The requirements for immigration to Bahrain are quite stringent, however, those who are accustomed to the lifestyle here consider find it appealing.

In order to acquire a Bahraini passport, a foreign citizen must:

  • – legally live here for 25 years if one comes from a non-Arab country;
  • – Arab people must live here for 15 years;
  • – have a legal address in Bahrain;
  • – be fluent in Arabic;
  • – voting rights can be obtained after 10 years of being Bahraini citizens.

Our lawyers in Bahrain can assist foreign citizens who want to acquire properties here. They must comply with various requirements, especially if they target the Golden Visa program which comes with various benefits.

If you want to apply for citizenship in Bahrain and need assistance, our specialists can help, so don’t hesitate to contact them. We can also assist investors who want to open companies in Bahrain.