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Criminal Lawyers in Bahrain

Criminal Lawyers in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, as the criminal rate here is low. However, when discussing crime, there is not only the violent side the law that applies, but also that of other offenses that enter this category.

When dealing with legal situation that are governed by the Penal Code, assistance from criminal lawyers in Bahrain should be sought.

Below, we present the ways in which our lawyers can help you and the criminal law-related services we offer in Bahrain. Apart from these, you can rely on us for assistance in different legal matters.

The most common crimes in Bahrain

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, violent crimes are not a day-to-day matter in Bahrain, however, there are others that can occur all over the world. Among these, the common are:

While each offense has its own law providing for specific conducts to adopt and restorative measures that can be taken in order to amend specific situations, the Penal Code is the main act that punishes crimes related to them.

Since most crimes are dealt with in the court of law, the legal advice and representation of a criminal lawyer in Bahrain becomes a necessity.

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Services provided by our criminal lawyers in Bahrain

Our criminal lawyers in Bahrain are specialized in matters covered the Penal Code, thus being able to provide immediate assistance when called upon. Here are the main services you can rely on us for:

  1. legal advice in case you think you have adopted a criminal behavior and don’t know how to act;
  2. police station representation if you were apprehended;
  3. legal representation if your case was presented to a court of law and you are facing trial;
  4. assistance if you were caught doing something wrong at the workplace and the employer is willing to reach an agreement.

Our services are available for both natural persons and Bahrain companies dealing with difficult situation and need representation or assistance from a criminal lawyer.

The Penal Code, the most important criminal law-related act in Bahrain

What should be noted when dealing with the Penal Code is that it applies to cases that have occurred on the territory of this country and includes foreign citizens who have committed offenses falling under it. However, it also applies to Bahrain citizens who have breached the law abroad and face being charged of the respective offenses in the court of law. These can either be tried here after they have returned or if they were extradited under an agreement with the country in which the crime was committed.

According to the Penal Code, there criminal activities can be categorized as:

  • – felonies;
  • – misdemeanors.

While felonies are crimes committed with intention and, therefore, punished more severely, misdemeanors are crimes that have no intention behind or are specifically categorized differently under the law, such as wrongdoing. Either way, our criminal lawyers in Bahrain can review your case and let you know the type of offense you have committed and based on it propose a legal strategy.

Courts of law in Bahrain

Bahrain is a Muslim country and its judiciary is made of the following courts:

  • – the civil law courts;
  • – the criminal courts;
  • – the Shari’a Law courts.

Criminal matters can be tried by the civil or criminal courts, depending on the nature of the matter. For example, commercial crimes are tried by civil courts in Bahrain.

Our criminal lawyers in Bahrain can offer assistance in various offenses, but also representation with these courts.

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The criminal rate in Bahrain

Bahrain ranks as one of the safest countries the world, as the crime rate has been constantly decreasing in the past few years. According to news, 2019 was one of the years with a low criminal rate, as it can be read below:

  • – according to official statistics, the overall criminal rate decreased by 7.5% in 2019 compared to the previous year;
  • – theft alone went down by 10% in 2019;
  • – the number of complaints filed with the Special Investigation Unit also dropped by approximately 22%;
  • – Manama was ranked among the top 20 safest cities in the world in 2019, with an index of 72 points.

If you need assistance in criminal-related offenses, do hesitate to ask for the support of our lawyers in BahrainContact us for tailored services.