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Company Formation Services in Riffa

Company Formation Services in Riffa

Investors who are interested in company formation in Bahrain can choose to open a company in Riffa. This is the second-largest city in Bahrain and its population is Sunni Arab. Two main areas make up the city: East Riffa, where there are several attractions and an important shopping district and West Riffa, which is mostly residential.

Companies in Riffa offer numerous services, from business-related ones to domestic services, import and export related services, construction and residential and many others.

Investors who set up a company in Bahrain enjoy the strategic location, the business environment and the opportunities in business sectors such as real estate, trade, and even tourism. Riffa is one of the commonly chosen cities because of its size and our team of agents can provide foreign investors with complete details if they wish to set up a company in this location. 

Company formation in Riffa

Investors who are interested in company registration in Bahrain and chose to set up their company in Riffa need to follow the standard procedure for incorporation. The registration of companies is performed via the commercial registration portal (SIJILAT). The portal is used to submit the applications for registration as well as to make changes to a registered company and renew the registration license. 

One of our agents who specialize in company formation in Bahrain can help investors during this process. We can also provide information about the pre-registration phase and the post-registration requirements and ongoing compliance for companies.

The first step for opening a business in the Kingdom of Bahrain is to choose the suitable type of legal entity. Below, we briefly describe the main types of companies.

  1. Public shareholding company: requires a large share capital and it has at least two founders who are liable up to the amount of the value of their shares.
  2. Closed shareholding company: maintains some of the characteristics of the previous form; it has a lower minimum share capital of 250,000 BD.
  3. Limited liability company: requires no minimum share capital and it can have a maximum of 50 partners.
  4. SPC: the single person company where the owner is fully liable for the debts and obligations of the business.
  5. Branch: the branch of a foreign company, an extension of a company incorporated outside of Bahrain.

The business forms listed herein are just some of the types that can be incorporated by local and foreign entrepreneurs. Other business forms include the company limited by shares, the limited partnership, the joint liability company or the representative office.

Investors who are interested in company registration in Bahrain and wish to set up one of these business forms in Riffa can reach out to our agents. We can help investors prepare the company documents and submit them for registration with the commercial registration portal. Moreover, our team can assist investors in other matters, such as opening a bank account for the company as well as with VAT registration.

Foreign investments in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an attractive investment destination. The main reasons why investors are interested in company registration in Bahrain are the following:

  • – the location: the Kingdom is located in a strategic position, one that is favorable for many types of companies; it offers easy access to Saudi Arabia and other markets of interest.
  • – the business environment: the policies for doing business are liberal and a key feature is that private companies are not subject to taxation.
  • – the economy: the Kingdom’s recent development makes it stable from an economic perspective; the financial sector is a developed and advanced one among the Arab Gulf states.
  • – the business costs: the overall costs for doing business are generally low and investors can expect to find a good price-value ratio for office and industrial rentals.
  • – the workforce: Bahrain welcomes residents of neighboring states as well as overseas countries; the pool of talented workers is varied and investors can choose to hire local or foreign employees. 

Foreign investments (FDI) in Bahrain have developed as such:

  • – FDI increased in December 2018 by 1.5 bn USD;
  • – there was a 1.4 bn USD FDI increase in December 2017;
  • – a report from 2016 highlighted that 80.7% of the Kingdom’s real GDP was being generated by the non-oil sector.

Investors who are interested in company formation in Bahrain can contact us for detailed information about the conditions for starting a business. We provide complete incorporation services in all of the main cities including Riffa, Manama and others.