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PRO Services in Bahrain

PRO Services in Bahrain

Moving to Bahrain or starting a business here implies dealing with various authorities. As a foreigner it may seem difficult to handle all legal matters on your own, especially when not knowing the language or the exact agency to address. For this purpose, you can request PRO (public relation officer) services in Bahrain.

Our specialists are at your disposal for representation in front of the authorities for you to benefit from a simple transition no matter the reason that brings you to Bahrain.

Below, we present some of the PRO services we can provide for you in Bahrain.

Services provided by our specialists in Bahrain

From the beginning, we should mention that we are team made of Bahrain company formation officers and lawyers who can provide legal assistance to Bahrain nationals and foreign citizens and businesspersons dealing with the authorities of this country.

Among the PRO services you can rely on us for in Bahrain are:

  1. support in dealing with the immigration and labor authorities;
  2. representation with various governmental authorities in Bahrain;
  3. document drafting, translation and attestation;
  4. renewal of expired or close to expiry paperwork.

We usually divide our services in those dedicated to natural persons and companies in Bahrain.

If you want to open a company in Bahrain, for example, you can rely on our agents for support with the entire procedure.

PRO services for natural persons in Bahrain

Dealing with the Bahrain authorities as a foreign national can be difficult, especially when you are here for the first time. However, you don’t need to worry about any of the aspects of interacting with various agencies, as we can provide the following services:

  • – document translation for various purposes;
  • – attestation of translated documents;
  • – assistance in obtaining various types of visas;
  • – support in filing the papers with the relevant authorities in Bahrain.

Among the documents that need translation in Bahrain are diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, as well as other papers issued by authorities in other countries and that are required as proof when immigrating to Bahrain.

Many foreign citizens who relocate to this country need support in filing their dossiers for obtaining work and residence permits and for this they appeal to PRO services in Bahrain.

We can help you and your family to move here by applying for various types of visas, including for family reunification. If your residence permit is about to expire, you can rely on us once again to make sure your stay in country respects the local regulations.

Our PRO services are provided in accordance with the laws of this country, but also to those that apply to your home country, under various agreements signed by Bahrain.

We offer advice and legal guidance through our lawyers in Bahrain, and you can rely on us not only when arriving here, but also in the course of your stay for any other legal issue that may arise.

PRO services for businesspersons and investors in Bahrain

We have a dedicated team of specialists in company registration in Bahrain who are at the service of businesspersons and investors who want to take advantage of the business environment here and launch their own enterprises.

Among the services you can rely on us are:

  • – document preparation in accordance with the Company Law for registering a business here;
  • – translation of the documents of foreign investors and enterprises that need to be filed with the Trade Register;
  • – corporate bank account opening;
  • – company incorporation (document filing, tax and GST registration);
  • – business licensing and renewal;
  • – trademark registration services;
  • – obtaining work permits for hiring foreign staff.

Among the documents that need to be drafted for starting a business in Bahrain are the Articles of Association, when the selected legal form is a corporate one, however, we can also provide support in preparing partnership agreements.

Any changes that need to be made in a company can also be handled by our representatives who can prepare and file the amended documents with the relevant authorities.

If there is anything we have missed in this article, we invite you to send us your inquires by email.

Why come to Bahrain

With outstanding economy, Bahrain is one of the leading Middle Eastern countries in terms of oil production. However, Bahrain:

  • – is one of the most diversified economies in the Middle East;
  • – foreign trade represents 151% of its Gross Domestic Product, according to data collected by the World Bank in 2018;
  • – the steel and aluminum sector is one of the most important sector accounting for 20% of its exports;
  • – most of Bahrain’s exports (13.3%) went to Saudi Arabia in 2018.

For details on our PRO services in Bahrain, please contact us.