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Immigrate to Bahrain from Canada

Immigrate to Bahrain from Canada

Bahrain is one of the most appealing states in the Middle East when it comes to immigration for business or employment reasons. With an economy relying mostly on the exploitation of petroleum, many Canadian citizens will plenty of job opportunities here, as this industry is also quite developed in Canada.

If you want to immigrate to Bahrain from Canada you should know that this process is subject to various requirements, however, these are not complicated when it comes to short-term visits. When choosing to relocate to Bahrain from Canada for longer periods, our immigration lawyers are the service of foreigners.

We can also assist with company formation services in Bahrain for Canadian citizens seeking to explore the business opportunities offered by the insular country.

Short-term immigration to Bahrain from Canada

Canadian citizens who need to travel to Bahrain for short periods have the possibility of applying for the electronic visa (e-visa). With this visa, a foreign citizen can stay in Bahrain up to 30 days.

The greatest advantage of this visa is that it can be applied for online it allows for multiple entries in the country. If you need information on how to apply for this visa, our specialists are at your service.

The electronic visa can be used for the following purposes:

  • – tourism,
  • – short business visits,
  • – medical purposes,
  • – visiting family or friends.

For periods longer of 30 days, other types of visas must be obtained not only by Canadian citizens, but also for British or US citizens, for example. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Bahrain.

If applicants continue to meet the requirements for immigration through investment, the Bahraini resident permit will be extended permanently. It grants unrestricted admission and exit from Bahrain, the ability to work there, and residency for immediate family members. Applicants must stay in Bahrain for a minimum of 90 days per year.

We also have a lawyer in Bahrain who is experienced in litigation cases. No matter if you need assistance in court or out-of-court proceedings, you can rely on our expert. We usually advise on alternative dispute resolution first, however, we can also offer representation if the case reaches such a stage.

How to move to Bahrain from Canada under a work permit

 As mentioned at the beginning of this article, one thing that connects Canada to Bahrain is the developed petrol extraction sector which means than many Canadian citizens who work in this field are qualified and can work in the same industry in Bahrain.

In order to obtain a work visa, a Canadian citizen must first obtain a job offer followed by the labor contract. Intra-company transfers are also possible in the case of Canadian companies operating under branches or subsidiaries in Bahrain.

An important aspect to consider when relocating to Bahrain from Canada under a labor contract is that sponsorship is required.

Employment visas in Bahrain are issued by the Labor Market Regulatory Authority.

 If you need information on the formalities to complete in order to obtain a work permit, our agents are at your service for details and advice on how to apply for it.

If you need tailored support in matters related to buying or selling real estate, you can rely on our lawyers in Bahrain. During the past few years we have helped many foreign investors who came to the country through the investor visa which enabled them to acquire properties here. So, feel free to contact us any time.

Our accountants in Bahrain can explain the tax regulations of this country.

The residence permit for Canadian citizens moving to Bahrain

When relocating to Bahrain from Canada under a work visa, the residence permit is issued alongside it, however, for those using other reasons to move here, residency must be obtained through other methods.

As sponsorship is a mandatory requirement for foreign citizens immigrating to Bahrain, for those entering the country for business reasons, self-sponsorship is available.

The following categories or immigrants can apply for residency under self-sponsorship in Bahrain:

  1. foreign citizens, therefore Canadian citizens, who want to retire here,
  2. Canadian citizens who purchase real estate in Bahrain,
  3. those who plan to open companies in Bahrain and want to manage them from here.

There are several requirements that need to be met as a Canadian citizen seeking to immigrate to Bahrain under self-sponsorship residency, among which:

  • – in the case of retired persons, these must be at least 55 when moving to Bahrain,
  • – retired people must also demonstrate they have worked 15 years based on a Certificate of Retirement,
  • – in the case of those buying properties, the value of the real estate cannot be lower than 50,000 BD,
  • – in the case of those who open companies in Bahrain, the minimum participation to the business’ capital is set at 100,000 BD,
  • – proof of self-sustenance of at least 500 BD per month is also required in the case of business owners.

No matter the type of residence permit you want to obtain as a Canadian citizen in Bahrain, our advisors can help you. We are also at your service with company registration services in Bahrain.

The notarized memorandum and bank certificate are delivered to the Trade Register for final approval as the last step in setting up a company in Bahrain. The Registrar will then issue the Certificate of Registration which will enable the company to complete with the remaining procedures of tax and VAT registration.

You can also rely on us if you need support in immigration to Bahrain. Our specialists can help you apply for various types of visas, depending on your reason for relocation. This is an important aspect, especially in terms of documents to prepare, but also when seeking a local sponsor.

Economic relations between Bahrain and Canada

Thanks to its liberal economic policies, Bahrain has good relations with many Western countries, among which Canada is one of its major trading partners.

At the level of 2017, the total trade between the two countries was around 13 million USD, out of which 12,9 million USD in exports from Canada to Bahrain, and 165,000 USD in imports. Also, many Canadian companies have Bahraini regional headquarters for their operations in the Middle East.

If you want to move to Bahrain from Canada and need guidance, our immigration lawyers are at your service, so feel free to contact us.