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Citizenship by Investment in Bahrain

Citizenship by Investment in Bahrain

Moving to Bahrain is possible through several channels. Some people choose work, while others choose to start their own businesses. For both categories, our specialists are at their disposal with several services.

In recent years, however, the government has made various changes in its legislation to accommodate the needs of the economy combined with the desire of foreign investors who want to enter the country. This is how the Bahrain citizenship by investment was enabled. Also, known as the golden visa, the new scheme targets entrepreneurs who can support themselves during their long-term stay here.

Below, we invite you to read about this program and how you can relocate to Bahrain through it.

Citizenship by investment in Bahrain – an appealing scheme for foreigners

Bahrain was for a long time an appealing destination for people who want to work in the Middle East, as well as for those who wanted to develop various entrepreneurial activities. This is why, when the Bahrain citizenship by investment program was enabled, the country become a hotspot for those interested in long-term immigration, especially since the scheme comes with a 10-year validity residence permit.

No matter if you are targeting company formation in Bahrain or employment in a local business, our local agents are at your service with tailored support.

Requirements to enter the citizenship by investment program

We should mention from the beginning that the golden visa scheme is available for people from all over them world. However, they must still comply with various requirements:

  • – applicants must have not worked in the private or public sector before;
  • – they must have residential addresses when filing the golden visa application;
  • – they must secure healthcare insurance policies based in local rules.

They can file the application in person, or while abroad, they can use our PRO services for this purpose. We are at the service of foreign investors who want to apply for Bahrain citizenship by investment with various services, including support in drafting and filing the necessary documents enabling them to move here.

We can also offer guidance to those interested in opening companies in Bahrain.

Financial requirements under the Bahrain citizenship by investment

People searching for destinations where golden visas are available already know that these programs come with investment requirements, which is also the case of Bahrain. The Middle Eastern state also offer several choices when it comes obtaining citizenship by investment.

Here are the main options for those interested in enrolling in this scheme:

  • – starting a business which requires a minimum investment of 100,000 BD (approximately265,000 USD);
  • – buying a property with a minimum value of 50,000 BD (around 135,000 USD);
  • – retiring to Bahrain provided than the minimum income of 500 BD (approximately 1,350 USD) per month is ensured;
  • – the minimum 500 BD is also required as proof of self-sustenance for those buying real estate.

Compared to other destinations, Bahrain is quite appealing from this point of view. Our lawyers are at your service for guidance in choosing the right option.

You need to make various changes when immigrating to Bahrain. Even if the country is quite open to foreign citizens coming and working or doing business here, the cultural differences are many and can impact your former lifestyle. For guidance on local regulations, please contact our local specialists.

We can help you obtain Bahraini residency through employment. The company that will sponsor the applicant must submit an application to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority. the application will go through the Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs to confirm that the applicant is subject to any investigations.

If you want to set up a business, you can also rely on us for company registration services in Bahrain.

Self-sponsorship in Bahrain

The particularity of the Bahrain citizenship by investment scheme is that the residence permit issued after being accepted implies self-sponsorship. This is an important matter to acknowledge, as foreign citizens can also relocate here with the help of a sponsor (in the case of employees, the employer can be sponsor).

When it comes to self-sponsorship, each category of applicants (investors, real estate owners, and retirees) must submit various documents apart from the application form, copies of their passports and IDs, and criminal records.

We recommend getting in touch with our local representatives who advise on all the documents required based on the immigrant category you fit.

We also have a team of Bahraini dedicated lawyers who can help in immigration and real estate acquisition matters. We also invite you to watch our video below:

How many foreigners live in Bahrain?

At the level of 2020, Bahrain’s population was around 1.5 million inhabitants, according to data gathered by Fanack.com. The same study indicates that:

  • – out of the total 1.5 million citizens, 789,273 are foreigners;
  • – this means that only 47.4% of the population is Bahraini, while 52.6% is foreign;
  • – the country’s population is rather young, as more than 90% of it is made of people under 55 years old;
  • – Manama is home to 38% of Bahrain’s population.

For guidance in applying for Bahrain citizenship by investment, please contact us.

Please get in touch with our Bahraini lawyers if you want to immigrate and start a business in this country. We can assist with the creation and submission of the necessary paperwork. Most investors choose Manama as their country of residence and for their businesses.  If you require support, do get in touch.