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Immigrate to Bahrain from UK

Immigrate to Bahrain from UK

Bahrain is a small state, yet very prolific economy in the Middle East and also a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. These are some of the main reasons that attract important numbers of foreigners who decide to move to Bahrain from the UK for the long term.

Immigration to Bahrain from different counties of the world implies applying for a residence permit under specific requirements.

Those who plan to immigrate to Bahrain from UK must also respect various conditions, however, these are not hard to comply with. With the help of our lawyers moving here from the United Kingdom is a simple procedure from a legal point of view.

British businesspersons interested in starting a business here can rely on our company formation services in Bahrain.

Short-term visits from UK to Bahrain

UK citizens who want to travel to Bahrain for business or tourism purposes can obtain electronic visas based on just a few documents. These are:

  1. a scanned copy of the applicant’s passport (the resolution of the copy must be a good one),
  2. a copy of the flight tickets or itinerary of the UK citizens traveling here,
  3. a copy of bank statement proving sufficient funds for at least 3 months of living in Bahrain,
  4. for permanent residents of the UK, a copy of the residence permit will also be required.

The electronic visa can be obtained online, therefore the procedure is quite easy. However, this only enables UK citizens to enter and leave the country multiple times.

For those who want to move here permanently, a residence permit is required. Our immigration lawyers in Bahrain can assist in this matter. Foreign nationals interested in immigration to Bahrain can apply for temporary or permanent residence permits. Each has its own requirements which can be explained by our local lawyers. We can also handle the filing of the documents with the Bahraini authorities, especially if you are a first-time comer to this country.

How to immigrate to Bahrain from UK based on a residence permit

There are several reasons under which a Bahrain residence permit can be obtained by a UK citizen. These are related to:

  • – employment,
  • – business,
  • – investment.

It is important to note in certain cases sponsorship is required.

Our specialists in Bahrain can offer more information on how to obtain a residence permit. We can also help if you want to move here based on a business visa and start a company in Bahrain.

One of the best ways for international investors to access the GCC market is by opening a Bahraini company. The limited liability company is one of the suitable choices in this sense. Due to the stockholders’ limited liability, this structure is quite safe from a risk point of view.  Contact us if you need support with the registration.

Immigration to Bahrain from UK based on employment

One of the preferred choices of citizens who want to relocate to Bahrain from the UK is employment. The residence permit can be obtained once a job offer has been received and the work contract was signed.

In this case, the Bahrain company hiring the UK citizen will be the sponsor of the immigrant.

The work visa is issued by the Bahrain Labor Market Regulatory Authority.

If you need assistance, our immigration lawyers are at your service with information and guidance in applying for a residence permit.

Our Bahraini lawyers can also help in debt collection procedures. We are at your disposal with complete solutions that target a successful outcome within the shortest time possible. So, if you need assistance, we can be your first point of contact no matter if you are the creditor or the debtor.

Options for UK citizens moving to Bahrain for business reasons

Business and investment are the other two options under which citizens can relocate to Bahrain from the UK. There are a few differences between the two types of visas that can be obtained, however, the applicants can obtain residence permits under both categories of visas.

When applying for a business visa, the UK citizen must set up a company in Bahrain and become a shareholder in it.

Those who plan to immigrate to Bahrain from UK based on investment will be subject to other requirements. One of the most important refers to buying a property in this country. The following conditions and benefits are associated with the investor visa for Bahrain:

  • – the property to be purchased must be valued at a minimum of 50,000 BHD,
  • – a bank deposit of at least 15,000 BHD as a guarantee is also required,
  • – based on this visa, a residence permit with a validity will be obtained,
  • – citizenship can be acquired after 20 years of living here in the case of UK citizens observing very strict conditions.

This option is also available for citizens who want to move to Bahrain from the USA.

The investor visa required self-sponsorship and our lawyers in Bahrain can offer more information on the requirements associated to this immigration option.

Why immigrate to Bahrain from UK

Bahrain is one of the most prolific economies in the Middle East. Even if the country relies on the exploitation of oil rigs, other industries have also started developing at a fast rate in this country in the past few years.

UK citizens immigrating to Bahrain for employment purpose will benefit from high salaries.

If you want to move to Bahrain from UK and need guidance, our specialists can handle the document preparation process and offer tailored assistance through the entire relocation, so do not hesitate to contact us.