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Immigration Lawyers in Bahrain

Immigration Lawyers in Bahrain

Bahrain represents a great destination for foreign citizens who want work or start a business in the Middle East. In order to do that, one is required to apply for a residence permit. There are several requirements that must be met in order to immigrate in Bahrain and in most cases, these depend on the reason of the foreign citizen applying for the visa.

If you want to come to this country, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Bahrain who are at your service with information, but also assistance in obtaining a residence permit. You can also rely on us for company formation services in Bahrain if you plan on coming here for business purposes.

Services provided by our immigration lawyers in Bahrain

Our immigration lawyers in Bahrain are at the service of foreign clients from all over the world with assistance in the following matters:

  1. assistance in applying for various types of visas: we can help with the preparation of the documents required to apply for any type of visa;
  2. guidance in obtaining a residence permit: living in Bahrain is subject to specific criteria that are gathered under the residency requirements;
  3. help in obtaining an employment visa: this is one of the most secure ways of moving to Bahrain;
  4. guidance in applying for residency through self-sponsorship or through investment;
  5. assistance in various other matters such as renting a property and registering with the local authorities.

If you are interested in moving here based on investments, you can also rely on our specialists who can help you open a company in Bahrain.

In the Middle East, the Kingdom of Bahrain is renowned for its business- and corporate-friendly atmosphere. Bahrain, one of the top GCC nations, offers many opportunities for investments. For both domestic and international investors, including startups, you can rely on us if you want to set up a company in Bahrain.

The main types of residence visas for Bahrain

Just like any other country, Bahrain has specific regulations related to the issuance of various types of visas. These usually come with various requirements under which a foreign citizen can live here for determined periods of time.

Here are the main types of visas available for immigration to Bahrain:

  • – the tourist visa which is required to citizens of most foreign countries;
  • – the residence permit which is granted based on sponsorship in most situations;
  • – the work permit which is also relies of obtaining sponsorship from the future employer;
  • – the single or multiple visa which is granted to specific nationalities;
  • – investment residence visas are also available for those willing to relocate here through purchase of real estate.

As mentioned above, in most cases, sponsorship is required when moving to this country and our immigration lawyers in Bahrain are at your service with information about the conditions that must be fulfilled by the sponsor.

We offer a wide range of legal services to foreign citizens and investors attracted by the opportunities offered by Bahrain.

Immigration to Bahrain through a work visa

One of the fastest and simplest ways of moving to Bahrain is by obtaining a job with a local company through which the employment visa is secured.

The processing of the visa starts once the Bahrain employer files the following information and documents with the Labor Market Regulatory Authority:

  • – the application form;
  • – the foreign employee’s personal information in the form of the passport;
  • – a passport-size photo;
  • – a copy of the employment contract;
  • – information about the employee’s qualifications (diplomas, certificates, etc.);
  • – health certificate;
  • – receipt of payment of the application fee.

It is good to know that a foreign employee can bring close relatives (children, spouses, parents) based on family visas.

Our immigration lawyers in Bahrain can offer more information about the steps related to obtaining an employment visa.

The electronic visa system in Bahrain

Bahrain has made various changes to its immigration rules in order to welcome foreign citizens traveling here. One of these changes is the introduction of the electronic visa system, also known as the E-visa which can be obtained by citizens of 116 countries.

Through the electronic visa system, foreign citizens enter Bahrain be applying directly on the internet for the visa which enables one to stay in the country for a maximum period of one month.

The E-visa can be used by those who come to Bahrain for tourism or for starting a business and want to be here for the duration of the formalities.

Here are the main conditions to obtain an E-visa for Bahrain:

  • – the applicant must not be in Bahrain when applying for the visa;
  • – he or she must have a valid passport when applying for the visa;
  • – the applicant must already have a plane ticket purchased at the time the application is submitted;
  • – he or she must have sufficient funds for the duration of the stay (a bank statement can be required in this sense);
  • – the visa must be used within 30 days from the issuance;
  • – the visa must have been used prior to applying for another similar E-visa.

The electronic visa has simplified a lot the procedure of entering Bahrain. However, if you want to stay here for longer period of time, we kindly advise on discussing with our immigration lawyers in Bahrain for more information.

Obtaining a residence permit through sponsorship in Bahrain

Just like other Arabic countries, in certain situations, one needs a sponsor when immigrating to Bahrain. This requirement is available when applying for a residence or work permit.

If in the case of the work permit, the employer can act as a sponsor for the foreign employee, when interested in a residence visa for Bahrain, self-sponsorship is available. Also, if one does not meet the self-sponsorship requirements, an organization approved by the government can become the applicant’s sponsor. Travel agencies or even hotels in which the foreign citizen will be accommodated can act as a sponsor based on the incoming ticket.

However, it is worth noting that Bahrain does not have stringent rules when it comes to self-sponsorship which is why this one of the most selected option by those who come here for long-term stays.

Self-sponsorship is available for foreign citizens moving to Bahrain for private reasons, but also for investors. The requirements are different for each category of immigrant.

For those immigrating to Bahrain for personal reasons, such as retirement, the following conditions and documents are required:

  • –  an application form and valid passport need to be presented;
  • –  the identity card is also needed;
  • –  a Certificate of Good Morals is also required;
  • –   the person must first rent a property, as the lease or rental agreement will be used as proof of accommodation;
  • –   health insurance is also required;
  • –  proof of self-sustenance under the form of a bank statement with a value of 5,000 BD is required (this proof must be submitted again in 6 months);
  • –  proof of having a regular legal source of income is also needed.

In the case of investors, the personal documents that need to be prepared are the same, however, those who come here in order to set up a business must submit the company’s Articles of Association that must indicate the foreign citizen’s contribution to the share capital is at least 100,000 BD. Also, a fixed deposit of 15,000 BD is required, alongside proof of legal source of regular income of at least 500 BD per month.

Those who are interested in moving here can rely on our immigration lawyers in Bahrain for tailored assistance.

How to move to Bahrain through investment

Foreign entrepreneurs have the option of self-sponsorship through which they can relocate to Bahrain based on investment in real estate. In their case, the visa processing steps are completed directly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the conditions for immigration to Bahrain through a self-sponsored residence permit are the following:

  • – the applicant must have purchased real estate in Bahrain with the value of no less than 50,000 BHD;
  • – the applicant is also required to deposit at least 15,000 BHD in a local bank account;
  • – the candidate must have a minimum monthly income of at least 500 BHD;
  • – the last requirement applies to foreign citizens with  an age above 55.

Other important requirements to consider are for the applicant to not work in the private or public sectors in Bahrain and for the property to be located in touristic areas. Among these, the most appreciated are the Amwaj Islands, the Durrat Al Bahrain Bay and Danat Howar Areas.

Tailored immigration services provided by our lawyer in Bahrain

The Bahrain legislation has suffered various changes in the last years, all meant to ease immigration procedure. This why before coming here, you can discuss your options with our immigration lawyers in Bahrain who can provide updated information.

We can work together in finding the most suitable option that enables you to come here and engage in the activity you are interested or simply retire and live in one of the most beautiful Arabic countries.

Our immigration lawyers in Bahrain are at your service for consultancy in choosing a residence permit and preparing the application file, however, we can also assist those who want to open companies here and choose this immigration pathway.

Moving to Bahrain is not complicated if all the formalities are completed as required by the authorities, which is where our immigration lawyers can help. Preparing and verifying all the conditions are met is what our specialists can do to help you encounter no problems.

For assistance in moving here, please contact our immigration lawyers in Bahrain.