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Company Formation Services in Muharraq

Company Formation Services in Muharraq

Muharraq is the third-largest city in Bahrain and it was the capital of the country until 1932 when it was replaced by Manama. It has a rich history and it currently holds the headquarters of the Civil Aviation Affairs as well as those of the Gulf Air, the flag carrier of Bahrain.

Investors who are interested in company formation services in Muharraq can reach out to our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Bahrain. We provide complete incorporation services in all of the major cities and are able to assist investors who wish to incorporate here.

Muharraq investments

The city of Muharraq is an important one in terms of connectivity as it holds the Bahrain International Airport and a dry dock. In addition to the business opportunities related to transport and logistics here, investors can also easily access the man-made islands of Amwaj, that are known for their hotels and beaches but also hold a business area in their central part.

Some of the business opportunities that we can highlight for investors who are interested in company registration in Bahrain, with their headquarters based in Muharraq, include the following:

  • – Financial services: the financial sector is the top contributor to the GDP, apart from the oil sector.
  • – Manufacturing: low costs and a good location for a company in the manufacturing sector.
  • – Logistics: investors can establish their regional headquarters in Bahrain and then access the GCC markets.
  • – Tourism: Bahrain is an attractive tourism destination because of its rich culture, and the beautiful beaches and islands to name a few.
  • – ICT: sectors that present opportunities include cybersecurity, digital content, data center services, and others.

These are just some examples or main investment opportunities for those who are looking to set up a company in Bahrain. Small businesses, startups as well as larger companies and international firms can find that Bahrain, and the city of Muharraq, provide an excellent infrastructure and a good business climate.

Steps for company incorporation in Muharraq 

Company registration in Bahrain is a simple procedure that can be handled by foreign investors with the help of our agents. Below, we present the main steps:

  1. Choose the company type: investors can choose between the public or closed joint-stock companies, the limited liability company, partnerships, and others.
  2. Prepare the documents: these are the Articles of Association and the Bylaws of the company, as applicable.
  3. Obtain approvals: not all types of businesses require prior approval, however, for those activities that are subject to this, our agents can help investors obtain them as needed.
  4. Deposit the capital: obtain the certificate of capital deposit once the approvals are obtained.
  5. Registration: the final step is the actual registration with the Commercial Registers System; VAT registration is also required in some cases.

Choosing the suitable type of company is an important step and investors should know that some of the key differences between the existing forms include the actual liability of the shareholders, the required minimum share capital, the incorporation procedure and whether or not the company can offer its shares to the public. Foreign entrepreneurs will commonly choose the limited liability company that offers 100% foreign ownership and also presents other advantages. 

Please keep in mind that these steps are only briefly described and, in practice, investors who wish to set up a company in Bahrain may need to follow additional requirements. Reach out to one of our agents for complete details as per the chosen business field. 

The following statistics apply as per the business sectors in Bahrain:

  • – the financial industry had a 16.5% contribution to GDP in 2016;
  • – the tourism sector has a contribution of 6% to the country’s GDP;
  • – it is expected that the e-commerce sector in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) will reach an estimated value of 200 bn USD by 2020;
  • – the business services sector is expected to grow by 41% by 2021.

Investors have access to an attractive location both in terms of company formation in Bahrain and for living: the costs for doing business are approximately 30% lower compared to other countries in the region such as Qatar or Dubai and the annual living expenses are also lower than the GCC average, approximately 23% lower. 

Contact our agents who specialize in company formation in Bahrain for complete services related to opening a legal entity in Muharraq. Our team provides complete assistance for investors who are interested in setting up their company headquarters irrespective of the chosen Bahraini city.