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Immigrate to Bahrain from USA

Immigrate to Bahrain from USA

Foreign citizens who want to move to Bahrain from the USA have several types of visas they can apply for. The nationality of an applicant is also important as various bilateral agreements can be in place, however, in most cases, the types of visas that can be obtained are generally the same.

Those who plan to immigrate to Bahrain from US must comply with specific requirements, however, simplified procedures are available for short-term stays.

Below, our lawyers in Bahrain explain the main requirements for immigrating here from the United States. If you are interested in relocating here for business purposes, we offer personalized company formation services in Bahrain.

The Bahrain Electronic Visa system

US citizens interested in traveling to Bahrain for short stays can apply for an electronic visa (e-visa) for Bahrain which enables them to stay here for 30 days. Moreover, the e-visa can be requested online and once obtained, it will allow for multiple entries in the country. However, this option is not suitable for those who want to relocate permanently to Bahrain from the USA.

For immigration to Bahrain from the US, our immigration lawyers can help with the application for temporary or permanent residence permits.

When looking for lawyers in Bahrain, there are some key elements you should be paying attention to. Among these are accreditation (our lawyers are registered with the Bar Association), experience in the field you are interested in and expertise. If you need legal services, you can rely on our specialists who meet all these requirements.

 Residence permit options in Bahrain as a US citizen

There are several ways to immigrate to Bahrain from US and become a resident of this country. Among them, the most common are:

  • – employment;
  • – investment;
  • – business through self-sponsorship.

Since we mentioned sponsorship, it is important to note that in most cases, US citizens will require sponsors when moving to Bahrain.

Our company formation agents in Bahrain can offer more information on how to relocate here as a US citizen by starting a business.

When incorporating a Bahraini company, you can choose between be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation. The preferred business structure is the limited liability corporation (WLL) for most local and foreign entrepreneurs. No matter the legal form you choose, you can rely on us for company formation services.

Who can act as sponsors for US citizens immigrating to Bahrain?

Depending on the immigration reason, a citizen relocating to Bahrain from the USA can be sponsored by a the company he/she will work for (when immigrating based on employment), or by a family member (when family reunification is available).

In other cases, self-sponsorship is the best option. Self-sponsorship is usually employed by US citizens immigrating to Bahrain for starting a business or by means of other investments.

You can rely on us for business consulting services if you plan on starting a company in Bahrain. You can also rely on our Bahraini lawyer for advice in commercial matters. As a foreign investor you may need support in navigating contract issues, but also customs the local businesspersons have so that you integrate here as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and find out how we can be of assistance.

Investment options for US citizens relocating to Bahrain

Immigration by investment is one of the most popular ways of moving to Bahrain thanks to the economic possibilities offered by this state.

The purchase of real estate is the only option available for those who want to immigrate to Bahrain from US based on investment. The main conditions under this program is for the value of the property to be of no less than 50,000 BHD (approximately 133,000 USD) and a bank deposit of at least 15,000 BHD (around 40,000 USD). In exchange, the US citizen will be issued a 10-year visa for Bahrain.

In the case of immigration by investment, self-sponsorship is required for the US citizen interested in moving to Bahrain.

Our local consultants can help US citizens who want to move to Bahrain from the USA by purchasing properties or by setting up companies here.

Documents required for immigration to Bahrain from US

There are several documents that need to be prepared by those who plan to immigrate to Bahrain from US, and among these are:

  • – passport and ID copies;
  • – the request form issued by the Bahrain immigration authorities;
  • – a certificate of good conduct;
  • – copy of the lease/rental contract and a recent utility bill.

Apart from these, based on the reason for relocation, additional documents must be prepared, as it follows:

  • – a retirement certificate in the case of US citizens seeking to move to Bahrain by retirement;
  • – information about the property purchased in the case of investment visa holders;
  • – information about the company (Memorandum and Articles of Association) in the case of business immigrants.

These must be completed by various forms, as requested by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Why immigrate to Bahrain from the US?

Bahrain is one of the richest countries in the Middle East thanks to its natural resources, however, it is also one of the friendliest countries when it comes to giving access to immigrants. According to statistics:

  1. 52% of the persons living in Bahrain are expats;
  2. the Kingdom is the 63rd freest country in the world, according to the 2020 Freedom Index;
  3. Bahrain has a 70.6 property rights score which makes one of the most appealing countries in the Middle East for real estate ownership;
  4. its business freedom score is 70.5.

If you want to immigrate to Bahrain from US, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.