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Immigrate to Bahrain from Russia

Immigrate to Bahrain from Russia

Bahrain is one of the most appealing employment and business destinations in the Middle East. Its openness to foreign investors has led to its development in a fast manner which is why many people from other countries seek to move here. This is also the case of Russian citizens who can enter Bahrain fast and simple and obtain a 2-weeks visa on arrival.

Those who want to immigrate to Bahrain from Russia on a long term must go through other procedures that can be explained by our immigration specialists. We are also at the service of businesspersons interested in company formation in Bahrain.

What are the main options for people who move to Bahrain from Russia?

First of all, it should be noted that in the context of the current crisis in Europe and in which Russia is involved, the situation does not impact the entrance and stay in Bahrain of Russian citizens. These still have access to the following types of residence permits:

  • – student residence permits based on sponsorship from the educational facilities enrolled in;
  • – work permits based on sponsorship from the Bahrain employer. For any type of employment in Bahrain, a basic work permit is necessary. The sponsoring organization will need all applicants to sign a local employment contract. The duration of the work permit, which is renewable, is up to 2 years. Also, it will be issued with a residency permit for Bahrain.
  • – business visas for those who want to open companies here;
  • – the recently introduced residency by investment program.

With respect to the golden visa, the Bahrain government approved it at the beginning of 2022, thus enabling foreigners to move and live here on a long-term based on investment.

It is also possible to relocate to Bahrain from Russia under the golden visa and our local specialists will guide you through the application procedure.  A novelty of this program is that it also targets foreign nationals who lived here for a few years.

How to immigrate to Bahrain from Russia based on employment

Employment is one of the most attractive ways to move to Bahrain from Russia as it allows one to legally live and work here with the possibility of acquiring residency. The permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and it implies being sponsored by the employer based on the Non-Objection Certificate. This latter document is issued by the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports.

As most foreign citizens want to relocate with their close families, it should be noted that in the case of the spouse, he or she cannot work here unless sponsored by his/her employer. In other words, the spouse must secure separate employment in order to work in Bahrain.

More information on these aspects can be found with our lawyers in Bahrain. Our team of Bahrain company formation specialists and lawyers and accountants are here with a wide range of services.

The largest city in the nation and its capital is Manama. It is Bahrain’s financial center and home to several multinational corporations. Many foreign citizens who immigrate to Bahrain choose to settle here, as the business, employment and personal development opportunities are many more compared to smaller cities.

Our Bahraini lawyers can provide guidance on Civil Law cases. Marriage registration, divorce and child custody are some of the most important aspects when it comes to Family Law which is comprised by the Civil one. If you have unclarities about a particular situation, we invite you to get in touch with us so that we can find a suitable solution.

The latest news in the Bahrain Golden Visa

The Golden Visa remain one of the most appealing ways to immigrate to Bahrain from Russia. Those who already live here benefit from special requirements compared to those looking to move here.

Here are the main conditions for Russian citizens who live in Bahrain and want to apply for golden visas:

  • – they must have been employed here for at least 5 years based on a 2,000 BHD monthly wage;
  • – the program is also open for Russian retired citizens who have lived here for at least 5 years and who have had a monthly pension of at least 2,000 BHD;
  • – those who own properties in Bahrain with a minimum value of 200,000 BHD can also qualify for golden visas.

Those who want to move to Bahrain from Russia based on golden visas must meet similar requirements when it comes to real estate purchase. Retired persons must file evidence of a monthly income of 4,000 BHD. Additionally, they must live in the country for at least 3 months in a calendar year.

If you want to relocate to Bahrain from Russia and need support, contact us for personalized services.