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How to Find a Good Lawyer in Bahrain

How to Find a Good Lawyer in Bahrain

Our lawyers in Bahrain provide a wide range of legal services suited to local and foreign business owners. The Kingdom of Bahrain is home to some of the most important international financial institution, offering business opportunities for local and foreign investors in the banking and finance sector but also tourism and other industries. Manama, the capital city, is also one of the financial hubs in the Persian Gulf Region. With such a strong presence from many international businesses, it is only natural for foreign investors to be looking for reliable and professional legal services, suited to their needs.

 Quick Facts  
Business registration services 

Our lawyers in Bahrain offer complete company formation services.

Bank account opening services

We are at your service if you want to set up bank accounts for personal and corporate use.

Business consulting services

From advice on how to run a business to mergers and acquisitions, our Bahraini lawyers are at the service of foreign investors and companies.

Assistance in immigrating to Bahrain

Our specialists can help in Labor Law-related matters.

Guidance in employment matters

Our specialists offer assistance in Labor Law-related matters.

Support in Civil Law matters

We offer support in various Civil Law matters, such as marriage registration and divorce proceedings.

Company liquidation services 

Our lawyer in Bahrain can handle company liquidation and dissolution procedures.

VAT registration support 

Our tax lawyers can offer assistance in registering for VAT and filing VAT returns.

Assistance in obtaining citizenship in Bahrain

We can offer support in applying for Bahraini citizenship in accordance with the Immigation Law.

Debt collection assistance

Our litigation lawyers are at your service with amicable and in-court debt recovery support.

Support in renting/buying a property

We have a team of real estate lawyers who can help in such matters.

Assistance in applying for investment visas

Our immigration lawyers in Bahrain can help foreign investors access this type of visa.

Litigation support

You can rely on our specialists for assitance in resolving various Civil Law and Commercial Law disputes.

Trademark registration services (YES/NO)

We offer a wide range of intellectual property-related services:

– trademark registration and renewal,

– filing oppositions,

– priority trademark registration,

– representation in disputes

Assistance in applying for remote worker visas

We can advise on how to become a digital nomad in Bahrain.

Taking a few steps and performing thorough due diligence is always recommended for those who wish to find a good lawyer in Bahrain. We present some of the most common practices as well as highlight the main types of services offered by our attorneys, which are commonly offered by law firms in Bahrain.

The following list includes a few tips, some of which are detailed below:

  1. ask for referrals: you can ask other people or business owners who have already requested legal services in Bahrain.
  2. make a list: whether or not you rely on recommendations only, you should make a list of the final candidates.
  3. background check: you can perform a regular check on a selected law firm to find out their rate of success.
  4. interview: you can schedule a meeting with more than one law firm in order to determine if working with them is suitable.

If you are interested in immigration to Bahrain, you can reach out to our local specialists. From detailed information your visa options to support in choosing the appropriate residence permit, you can rely on us for quick relocation services. If you decide to apply for a short-term residence permit, we can help you file the documents with the immigration authorities in Bahrain.

If you are interested in legal services, we invite you to discuss with our Bahraini lawyers. Among the most popular requests from our current clients are for assistance with purchasing real estate as part of immigration by investment. If you want to pursue this pathway, get in touch with us for guidance on how to relocate here.

Ask for personal referrals

One of the common manners in which individuals and business owners can select between the services offered by our lawyers in Bahrain is to ask for personal referrals. Talking to other business owners or individuals who have experienced the same legal issue is useful in finding not only a lawyer but also gaining insight into a particular legal issue, finding out how others have solved a problem and having a good base of honest opinions about how others have worked with a particular professional. 

Asking for personal advice is, however, only the first step for those who want to find a good lawyer in Bahrain. This should represent only the preliminary research as it is not recommended to select a lawyer to work with based solely on someone’s recommendation, even if the person making the personal referral is a professional in a certain business field.

Most legal matters can be covered by international law firms in Bahrain. It useful to note that immigration to Bahrain also enters our attention.

Conduct a personal search

Apart from asking for personal recommendations, you can also perform a personal search, based on the legal specialties that are of interest to you. For example, when looking for services related to company formation in Bahrain, you may want to look for corporate attorneys who have a good track record and who specialize in providing specialty services for the incorporation of a business as well as hiring employees – two of the first steps a foreign investor will need to handle when he decides to open a company in Bahrain. 

Many law firms in Bahrain are full-service firms that offer a wide range of services. It is likely that you will be working with one or more lawyers from the same company, depending on the services you need. For example, you can first work with a company formation lawyer and then you can be referred to a tax lawyer in order to handle particular taxation issues, especially in the case of foreign businesses in Bahrain.

Finding advocates in Bahrain is not difficult, however, if you have any doubts, the Ministry of Justice is the best place to look as all lawyers must be licensed by this institution.

Are you interested in the Golden Visa program in order to obtain a Bahraini resident permit? Nothing simpler: get in touch with our lawyers who will explain all the requirements and associated conditions with the type of investment you are committed to. We are also at your service with support during the relocation process.

Here is also an infographic on our legal services:

Perform a background check

The practice areas in which a certain lawyer specialized in are important as they reveal his or her experience in a particular field. Our lawyers in Bahrain specialize in civil and commercial litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration. You can perform a more thorough search to find out if the chosen lawyers in Bahrain are licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs. A lawyer can be registered in the Practicing Lawyers Rolls, or in the Licensed Lawyers before the Court of Cassation. Some lawyers in Bahrain can also be transferred from the Rolls of Lawyers to the Non-Practicing Lawyers Rolls, therefore it is useful to verify what their status is.

Foreign nationals who travel to Bahrain for business purposes can sometimes look for lists of law offices that offer services at the local embassy. The law firms in Bahrain listed by an embassy are purely for an informational purpose, nevertheless, they can be a good starting point for foreigners because they can include details about whether or not a certain law firm has worked with nationals from that country.

Conducting a thorough research on a particular lawyer’s accreditations and areas of practice, as well as gaining insight into the law firm’s general practice as well as favorable cases is important. However, no matter how successful the company, when choosing from the different law firms in Bahrain it is also important to be able to have good communication with your designated lawyer.

It can be a good idea to visit the law firm’s office as well as have a preliminary discussion with one of their lawyers in order to find out how your requests are perceived and to determine their willingness to collaborate with you. Being sure that the lawyer is open to your proposed type of cooperation is important, as the communication between the client and the lawyer is valuable.

Legal services provided by our law firm in Bahrain

We provide tailored solutions and our client-oriented approach allows us to offer quality and effective services, with a focus on the future of the business experiencing legal issues.

Below, our lawyers in Bahrain list some of our most sought after types of legal services also discussed in more detail in this article:

  • Company Formation: we offer complete company formation services in Bahrain and can help foreign investors open a company here.
  • Litigation: our team is experienced both in litigation and in arbitration and will find the optimal solutions for your case.
  • Debt collection: we can help you pursue undue payments in a legal manner, with consideration for the business relationship. 
  • Commercial: conducting business in Bahrain will often require a team of experts who can offer legal consulting services in all commercial areas.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: company mergers and acquisitions in Bahrain are regulated and investors who plan such a business strategy need to do so by observing the current rules.
  • Insolvency and Restructuring: our lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy and insolvency can help companies navigate through these steps as well as implement any needed restructuring strategies.
  • Labor Law: hiring employees in Bahrain is subject to clear regulations regarding employment contracts as well as the conditions for employment; our team can help you.
  • Relocation support offered by our immigration lawyers in Bahrain.
  • Banking and Finance: a dedicated part of our team can help all investors interested in receiving legal counseling on issues regarding Islamic finance, the baking, and insurance laws in the country and many other topics.
  • Intellectual Property: we can advise on adequate intellectual property protection strategies, the registration of trademarks, copyright, and patents.

We distinguish ourselves among other law firms in Bahrain through high-quality services and our approach that is focused on finding optimal solutions for the client, given his unique context. Our advocates in Bahrain can offer legal assistance in a wide range of matters.

Where to find a lawyer in Bahrain

Bahrain is a different country from a legislative point of view compared to Western states which is why the guidance and advice of a lawyer is often invaluable. Foreign citizens and investors who need assistance will find plenty of services offered by international law firms in Bahrain who have experience in dealing with local and foreign-related affairs.

In most cases, advocates in Bahrain can be found in large cities, however, it is not excluded to find reliable and professional specialists in smaller towns. Finding a good lawyer in this country is not difficult when considering that it is not such a large state, however, thorough research is advised.

If you need legal advice, our specialists are at your service in a wide range of legal matters related to both the Civil and the Commercial Laws.

If you are interested in company formation in Bahrain, we can also offer tailored support in such matters.

There are a several steps to complete to incorporate a company in Bahrain, which our representatives can help you with. However, you can rely on us if you want to skip the legal hurdles of the procedure, and enable us to handle the process on your behalf. Feel free to contact us for more information on all our services.

Civil Law advocates in Bahrain

Bahrain is known as a Muslim country, however, when it comes to governance and legal powers, it is constituted just like any other country which relies on a fair and equitable justice system made of courts.

Bahrain has its own Civil Code which covers a wide area of legal aspects, among which family, contractual and human rights-related are among the most important. Our advocates in Bahrain can offer tailored assistance in all of these.

If you have any questions on legal affairs concerning the Civil Law, our lawyers in Bahrain can answer them.

Assistance in buying real estate in Bahrain

Many foreign citizens and investor are interested in acquiring properties in Bahrain and our lawyers can provide the necessary assistance in this matter.

It is important to note that only freehold real estate can be bought by foreigners who have residency here. This is why, before starting the purchase procedure, requesting the help od one of the international law firms operating in Bahrain is crucial considering the in-house lawyers there can advise on the steps to complete and that are:

  • applying for the residence permit;
  • choosing the property in one of the areas in which these are available for purchase for foreigners;
  • start the buying procedures.

Our advocates in Bahrain can help you in this matter by first starting the immigration procedure which implies applying for a residence permit. This can be obtained through investment or employment.

Once Bahrain residency is secured, the foreign citizen can start looking for a property and have our lawyers verify it. Then, a pre-sale contract can be signed followed by the completion of the purchase procedure. It is also possible to move here with the help of our immigration lawyers in Bahrain.

Assistance in employment matters offered by our Bahrain lawyers

Many local companies hire foreign staff for which various formalities must be completed. These usually use the services of international law firms in Bahrain who are familiar with the Employment Law and who can perform verifications on the laws of other countries in order to help the streamline the relocation of foreign workers as much as possible.

Bahrain is a country that relies on the industry of oil extraction which is why it requires qualified personnel. This sector is subject to special regulations related to taxation which is why it is also useful to use the services of accountants in this country.

Our advocates in Bahrain can help with the preparation of employment contracts, residence permit approvals and completing all other formalities related to hiring foreign staff.

Company formation in Bahrain

Our team can provide not only the needed pre-incorporation legal counseling for all foreign and national investors but can also assist throughout the registration process. We can help investors choose a suitable type of company and once this step is complete, we will assist in drafting the company’s Articles of Association as well as preparing all of the other documents needed for company registration in Bahrain. We are one of the law firms in Bahrain that have had extensive experience in company incorporation and registration and we specialize in all types of corporate legal services, starting with legal advising in the Companies Law. Our tax lawyers in Bahrain can also provide information about the VAT and the registration and reporting requirments.

Our lawyers in Bahrain can help investors incorporate a company and operate all of the needed changes or transfers once the business is running. We can help change the business address for an existing company or operate share capital increases as well as company director changes. All of these procedures can be time-consuming for the company owners and one of our experts is able to handle them on your behalf.

Litigation and dispute resolution in Bahrain

Our team has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration and we strive to provide suitable dispute resolution services that are efficient, fast and also cost-effective. In those cases where we can avoid litigation, our lawyers will look towards alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and negotiation. It is in the client’s best interest to avoid a lengthy and costly trial and we are able to provide a comprehensive assessment of the costs, risks, and advantages before starting any litigation process.

Many international law firms in Bahrain have in their components Bahrain national advisors in order to provide the best services possible.

Debt collection

Our team of debt collectors in Bahrain is qualified to provide assistance to company owners who are having difficulties collecting their undue payments. Our strategy focuses on negotiation and a thorough understanding of the situation. We strive to preserve the business relationship and at the same time, we will employ all the needed steps to allow our clients to rightfully obtain their due payments.

Here is also a video on this subject:

Why invest in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the richest countries in the Middle East as in the past few years it has diversified its economy and now relies on sectors like the financial, real estate, logistics, and IT ones. Moreover:

  • the Bahrain market is valued at more than 1.4 trillion USD;
  • companies operating here have access to a market made of 1.5 billion consumers in the Gulf Cooperation Council region;
  • the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has created 10 industrial areas in which companies can operate;
  • the country has more than 60 bilateral treaties signed with states all over the world;
  • Bahrain ranks 4th in terms of living costs among Middle Eastern countries.

Foreign investors can choose to work with our lawyers in Bahrain when they first open a company in Manama. For tailored company formation services, we invite you to contact our company formation agents.